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Your time and energy is valuable and you have  a specific purpose that you were MADE for! If you are not doing work that aligns with your Purpose, it’s time to get back in the driver’s seat and take your power back!

Maybe you have tried endless maps and assessments but never felt MOTIVATED to take ACTION.

What if that wasn’t the case, but instead….

  • You wake up on Monday and jump out of bed with excitement at the prospect of your work day

  • You work in an environment where you big ideas and creative solutions are no longer being ignored and passed over. You are constantly doing work you love and have a team that values you professionally AND personally

  • You do work that pays you well for work that you love

  • And you enjoy all this WITHOUT having to give up your values or turn your life upside down

I want you to really take the time to imagine this because I can help you do it!

I have been there – I used to wake up daily, frustrated, my stomach in knots because I did not want to go to my job.

And, I remember deciding that my time was too precious and taking the frustration I was feeling and turning it into motivation for finding work that made every day feel like friday!

I am a career strategist with proven success in helping professionals figure out their purpose and walk into it and I have three, 1-on-1 packages designed to meet you where you are:

#1 Life Purpose @ Work Plus:

Here’s what you’ll receive in this 10 week, 1 on 1 coaching program:

10 – One on One private consulting calls with Adenike and full email access during the work week where I will mine all facets of your life to discover the areas that you are uniquely gifted in. This process will allow us to drill down to 1 or 2 career paths that align with your purpose and passion and that you will really enjoy.

Module 1

Identifying purpose through gifts & talents. Your gifts and talents are those special qualities and skills that you were born with. In our first session, we will uncover your natural gifts/talents as these are essential to understanding work that aligns with your purpose and passion.

Module 2

Evaluating your formal experiences and credentials. We will review all your formal learning (degrees, certifications, etc.) and the experiences that you already have.

Module 3

Reviewing your life experiences and coincidences. Don’t discount anything on your life’s journey. Not only will we review all your formal learning (degrees, certifications, etc.) but we will go over all the life experiences that have helped to form who you are

Module 4

Assessing interests, passions and personality. There are some things that we have always had an interest in but we may or may not have explored those interests because of life circumstances. We will take some time to review things that have always held an interest for you. We will also cover personality type as this can provide some insight into positions that will be deeply satisfying to you based on those innate personality traits.

Module 5

Unhooking from Limiting Beliefs and Building Empowering Beliefs. Most of us don’t realize it but we have belief systems that drive our thoughts and actions and many of them were formed in our childhood. We will bring these to the surface because these hidden beliefs are often the very things that cause us to sabotage or limit ourselves. This is where you will start to gain confidence, stop being indecisive or passive and start taking the action that will move you into work that you enjoy

Module 6

Understanding who you were meant to serve. Your unique blend of skills, talents and experiences have made you the perfect match for a specific group of people. We will uncover the “specific tribe” that you are designed to help and/or connect with as a team.

Module 7

Career Match. Finally we will take all the information that we have mined in the previous modules and you will find actual positions that match your top strengths, skills and unique gifts. You can now begin your job search with complete clarity and confidence

Final Deliverable:

Complete Resume Revision to reflect Purposeful Work Profile and Career Matches.

Who is this program for: The Life Purpose @ Work Plus Program is for someone who needs help finding their purpose and identifying appropriate real world career matches but feels they can confidently complete their job search, networking, interview prep and salary negotiation strategy on their own


#2 Life Purpose @ Work Premium:

I also have a 6 month, 1 on 1 coaching program:

You will receive everything in the 2 month, 1 to 1 program PLUS

8 additional private coaching calls with Adenike and full email access during the work week


My proven Career Strategy and Confidence Program which includes:

Module 1

Company & Industry Match: Take the information that we discovered in the Career Matching Module and begin identifying industries and  companies that align with your values and lifestyle needs.

Module 2

Salary Match: Identify which positions will pay you at the right level (i.e. the same or higher than your current work)  and also work on a negotiation strategy designed to be a win-win for you and the employer.

Module 3

Branding Strategy: Once you get clarity on the right job fit, you will be ready to make the necessary adjustments to your resume and LinkedIn profile so that you attract the jobs you really want! I help you to create an accomplishment-rich and relevant resume and LinkedIn profile that speaks to all the right employers

Module 4

Networking Strategy  – Applying to jobs on a job board is a small portion of the job search – you get the most bang for your buck when you get yourself out there and begin to connect and engage with people online and in person. I will teach you my proven networking strategy for engaging with people in your field of interest online and in-person. Your confidence will truly start to take off as you start getting introductions to the right people and referrals to the jobs you really want! I will provide my exact scripts to help you reach out to contacts on LinkedIn, in online groups and at in-person networking groups.  You never have to feel intimidated because you feel like you don’t belong or don’t know what to say!

Module 5

Interviewing Preparation, Research, Best Practices and Mock Interview. All of this leads to the interview where you now have to sell yourself as the best candidate for the job. I will work with you to make sure that you are fully prepared and that they see you as the superstar candidate that you are!

Who is this program for: The Life Purpose @ Work Plus Premium is for someone who needs help finding their purpose and identifying appropriate real world career matches and wants expert help and accountability in all aspects of the job search including help with connecting and communicating with all the right people, getting and preparing for interviews and salary negotiation


#4 Life Purpose Business

Module 1

Business Clarity:

  • Help you get clear on the purpose of your business – why do you exist?
  • Outline the SPECIFIC problem that your business will solve – this is how you will attract the people that you are meant to serve
  • Outline your Values. Knowing and sharing your values will help you make decisions about who you serve in your business and will also attract people with similar values to you.

 Module 2

Ideal Client. Focus on identifying your ideal client through market research.

  • This will help you to speak to them clearly in your marketing and it will also help you create products and programs that really matter to them.

Module 3


  • Clearly lay out how your program will help create transformation in the life of your ideal clients based on market research.
  • Build out a system for your program

Module 4

Marketing/Promotion Plan.

  • Help you build your visibility on either Facebook or LinkedIn by creating content that speaks directly to your ideal market, helping you build a strategy for creating and posting content consistently so that you are considered a thought leader in your industry.
  • I also help you to write messages that help you connect to organizations that are perfect strategic partners for you, and confidently reach out to ask for testimonials and commendations that showcase your exceptional care and expertise.
  • I will help you build a marketing/promotion schedule for connecting with your audience  (writing blogs, facebook lives, community events, etc.) that helps you build your brand and reputation

 Module 5

Profit Plan.

  • The business should support you and itself. We will develop a plan that captures the type of income you want to make so that you can build your business to reach that goal.

Who this program is for: Life Purpose Business is a 4 month program for professionals who are interested in transitioning from employee to entrepreneur and want help with the foundational steps needed to make a successful transition.

In essence, I will help you to create a customized plan that takes you from your Life Purpose plan all the way through to negotiation without sacrificing pay, personal values or lifestyle needs.


Designing a career that brings joy takes effort and it requires an investment in time. It’s not magic.  You must willing to commit to a minimum of  2 – 4  hours of devoted time per week because new habits, ideas and beliefs need time to take root.

I would love to partner with you as your coach – working with you, side by side, to conquer the changes, overcome the fears and move into your the work that aligns with your purpose!!

Don’t waste any more time trying to figure out where to start. Schedule a call with me with me and let’s discuss how I can help you to FIND and GET the job that you really want! Button to schedule a call


Adenike helped me realize what makes me tick both in my personal and professional life. She’s amazing at helping you pinpoint what you are created to do and what paths you should pursue. After using her services, I now know where to direct my efforts and what my strong points are that bring me fulfillment. Plus, I have an AMAZING resume that I can hand out with complete confidence. What an amazing service she provides! Thank you Adenike!

Julianne H.

Adenike helped me with the entire process. When I reached out to her I didn’t have confidence and she came in at such a vital time where I wanted to quit. Her personality is contagious and full of joy. I felt safe and heard. She was able to help me process my thoughts into a blue print. I am so thankful for her. I highly recommend her!!

Joan T.

Par excellence best describes Adenike’s career coaching expertise. Adenike has a great personality and genuinely cares about my success. I was in a crossroads in my career and Adenike took the time to get to know me, patiently guided me step-by-step through a program designed specifically for my individual needs and provided me with structure, accountability, support and inspiration. As a result, I overcame personal challenges, discovered my passion and discovered a new career path that is right for me. I highly recommend Adenike to anyone who is seeking a professional career coach with a wealth of skills and strategies that will help you move your career in a positive direction.

Carolyn M.

This evening I started a new journey, one that I have thought about for a bit.  I decided to invest in my self in a way I have never done before.  I officials have a career coach and tonight was the first session! To say I am excited is to down play it. IN the first session Adenike Makinde has already challenged me, helped me see thing through a different lenses and courage me about the future.

Tabitha H.


Every day you spend being unhappy at work is a day you can’t get back.

Start now and get 8 Steps to move from Career Clueless to Clear Career Strategy!