My 3 steps to living out the “inspirational quote” on my wall

I often see wonderful and inspiring quotes in signatures, on social media, or being shared during presentations and I often wonder how many of those quotes are actually being lived out as opposed to just being displayed. One of my favorite quotes by Lao Tzu is “the journey of a thousand miles begins with one [...]

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Do you constantly put your career or other self-care needs on the backburner? Here is 1 reason why

I got a massage this weekend and it has easily been 3 or 4 years since the last time I took care of myself in this manner. Some of you reading this may be like “What?! I get a massage every month, what’s your problem?” Well, the truth is that in my mind, there was [...]

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Are you experiencing the same setback repeatedly in your quest for career success? Here is why!

I have been fighting with the same 20 lbs. for about the last 5 years. Last year I went hard and knocked out 15 of those pounds but this year 10 of those sneaky fellas got the best of me. As I was reflecting on this battle that I have waged with my weight over [...]

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Football coaching staffs have mastered this job search skill

I have been going to visit various schools with my son during this football recruiting season, and if I didn’t know it before, I definitely know it now - this multi-billion dollar industry is a machine. I have learned so much about how the machine is kept well-oiled and one thing in particular really caught [...]

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