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Get To Know Adenike

Welcome! My name is Adenike Makinde and I am passionate about helping people just like you who may be stuck in a job that no longer has meaning or aligns with their values or lifestyle needs.

So how did I develop this passion for helping people find their joy-filled work?  Well, it started after graduating from college.

I can clearly remember coming home and finding a spot on my parent’s couch in the living room and thinking about how I deserved some rest after a grueling 4 years of learning and……

I can also clearly remember after about 2 weeks of that, being sick of lying on the couch and thinking…”I can’t live like this! Let me at least go see what’s out there!”

I started my process by thinking about what I enjoyed most and then made a list of companies that I felt would be a good place to start.

I have always enjoyed listening, developing and encouraging people and so the first step on my journey was in retail management.

After a couple years in this field, I learned that I really enjoyed training and started connecting with professionals in that industry and volunteering to do presentations and trainings which helped me to gain experience and break into this new field.

It was at this point that I begin to see that I had the power to go out and make my career what I wanted it to be!

After transitioning into training, I had a life change that included getting married and having my son.

I took a year off and then decided to get back into the workplace but it quickly became clear to me that the training travel schedule did not fit my lifestyle need at the time and so I switched into business administration by doing volunteer work and taking on some contract assignments.

I inherited a strong work ethic and an obsession with excellence from my parents and it was these skills that deeply impressed employers and  set me apart while doing contract jobs. This lead to one of my contract positions turning permanent and my employer was so impressed that they had me write my own job description and gave me the exact salary that I asked for!

Finally, after years in the corporate world, I made the switch to education and I have been working with adult learners and working professionals as a  career coach for the last 4 years, helping them find and move into satisfying work.

I have successfully

  • found ways to gain experience that helped me get the job – even though I had little to no experience,
  • transitioned successfully into new industries
  • gained top promotions
  • negotiated the salary I asked for and…

I did each of these things INTENTIONALLY and I can help you if

  • You feel stuck. You know that there is more but you are not sure how to find that “more”
  • You sometimes question your value as a professional because you may feel that what you do may not be valued in the marketplace
  • You feel like what you REALLY want to do would mean a sharp decrease in your paycheck
  • You take pride in your work, you are always going above and beyond in every way and yet the effort and energy that you are putting into your current work is not being reciprocated and you feel burnt out
  • You keep looking at your resume because you know it’s time to go but you know you need more than a resume update, you are just not sure what
  • Every day is a struggle and you don’t want to do it anymore but you don’t see a way out.

I strongly believe that you don’t have to settle!

You can experience the same successes that I have not only helped others achieve but have personally achieved myself!

You don’t have to settle. You CAN find and get your dream job without sacrificing the things that mean the most to you – your personal values, pay and lifestyle needs.

There is no cookie-cutter approach to helping people solve the problem of creating a better quality of life and this is how I do things differently. I focus on mindset and attitude changes that naturally lead you into a career that is both satisfying and brings joy.

In general, I have found that the industry focuses on the tools of the job search, i.e. resumes, LinkedIn profiles, networking, you know the drill…but that can only get you so far.

If you are ready to take the first steps, get your copy of 8 Strategies to Move From Career Clueless to Clear Career Strategy!

It is now my pleasure to partner with you to start your journey toward work that you love!

Take the First Steps!