Abundant living can start with your grocery list

Who loves grocery shopping? I don’t. As a matter of fact, the bigger my son gets (6’6 and 310 pounds at the last count) the more I dislike it. It has truly been a love-hate relationship in that sometimes I go almost every day and sometimes I put if off until the kids are eating crackers.

Well, as I continue my journey towards abundant living and meaningful work, I realize that it really does apply to EVERY area of life.

Lisa Nichols is one of my favorite self-development experts and I love her saying “don’t use dollar time doing penny tasks”.

Yes, the groceries have to get done but I have come to realize it is not the best use of MY time and energy to get it done and so I started looking for options.

The solution I came up with is

(1) get a 5 ingredient, 15 minute cookbook,

(2) join click list at the local grocery store which is an online pickup service and

(3) pay my teenage daughter every week to make it happen.

What I have found is that there are multiple benefits to this solution, namely:

(1) I relieve myself of the stress of worrying about getting groceries

(2) my daughter gets to put together a list of meals that her and her brother are sure to enjoy and

(3) my daughter gets to make some money AND learn a little bit about taking care of a household.

Not a bad deal at all if I say so myself!  You should be looking over every area of your life to see where you are wasting precious time doing penny tasks and search out solutions that will free up more of your  “dollar time”?

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