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Get ready to OWN your career!

Hi! I’m Adenike and my mission is helping successful, driven corporate executives and leaders in technical fields, find their purpose, and land a dream job that fully aligns with that purpose while earning the same or more money

My purpose is to help professionals finally find work that is satisfying without giving up pay, personal values or lifestyle needs.

You deserve more than just a job that provides a paycheck!  Even if you’ve been in your job for years and it’s the only thing you know, it’s not too late. I want to assure you that you don’t have to settle – you DEFINITELY have options!

Don’t just take my word for it

Here are some professionals just like you who knew they wanted a change but did not know exactly what it looked it or how to make the shift. I helped them find their direction, get their confidence back and they are now actively working in their new fields.

Adenike helped me with the entire process. When I reached out to her I didn’t have confidence and she came in at such a vital time where I wanted to quit. Her personality is contagious and full of joy. I felt safe and heard. She was able to help me process my thoughts into a blue print. I am so thankful for her. I highly recommend her!!

Joan T., Life Coach

Par excellence best describes Adenike’s career coaching expertise. Adenike has a great personality and genuinely cares about my success. I was in a crossroads in my career and Adenike took the time to get to know me, patiently guided me step-by-step through a program designed specifically for my individual needs and provided me with structure, accountability, support and inspiration. As a result, I overcame personal challenges, discovered my passion and discovered a new career path that is right for me. I highly recommend Adenike to anyone who is seeking a professional career coach with a wealth of skills and strategies that will help you move your career in a positive direction.

Carolyn M., College Instructor

This evening I started a new journey, one that I have thought about for a bit. I decided to invest in my self in a way I have never done before. I officially have a career coach and tonight was the first session! To say I am excited is to down play it. IN the first session Adenike Makinde has already challenged me, helped me see things through a different lens and encouraged me about the future.

Tabitha H., Consultant

Adenike helped me realize what makes me tick both in my personal and professional life. She’s amazing at helping you pinpoint what you are created to do and what paths you should pursue. After using her services, I now know where to direct my efforts and what my strong points are that bring me fulfillment. Plus, I have an AMAZING resume that I can hand out with complete confidence. What an amazing service she provides! Thank you Adenike!

Julianne H., Administrator and Radio Host

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and know that there is more to a career than what you are currently doing, but don’t know HOW to start, I can help!

Go from Career Clueless to Clear Career Action Plan – in 30 days or less!